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(2022-12-15) Source packages for version 2.0.1 of the Open Navigation Surface library are now available. (read more)

(2020-02-25) Minutes of the nineteenth ONSWG meeting. (read more)

(2019-10-16) Minutes of the eighteenth ONSWG meeting. (read more)

(2019-05-17) Meeting notes from the development meeting at US Hydro 2019 are now available. (read more)

(2018-11-23) Meeting notes from the development meeting at Shallow Survey 2018 are now available. (read more)

(2018-05-02) Source packages for version 1.6.3 of the Open Navigation Surface library are now available. (read more)



File Description
ons_require.pdf Requirements document for the ONS data format. Describes the contents of the ONS file, and some of the conventions internal to the file. This is the original requirements document for the project.
BAG_FSD_Release_1.5.1.pdf The Open Navigation Surface File Specification Document (FSD). Describes the form of the ONS files, their conventions and management.
ons_digitalsig.pdf The ONS Digital Security Scheme (DSS). Describes the cryptographic protocols used in the ONS file format to provide certification and validation services.
ons_ushydro05.pdf The ONS paper presented at US Hydrographic Conference 2005, San Diego, CA, 28 March 2005. Describes the file format, the intent of the project, and the current (at the time) state of progress.
ons_shallowsurvey05.pdf The ONS paper presented at Fourth International Conference on High-Resolution Surveys in Shallow Water 2005, Plymouth, UK, 15 September 2005.
ons_ihr.pdf The ONS paper published in the International Hydrographic Review, 6(2), November 2005.
BagCompressionP.pdf The whitepaper on compression performance in HDF5 data structures. This document looks at the different compression options available within HDF5, and their relative performance; this information was the basis for the default compression levels chosen for release 1.4.0.